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New Making

103 Humanism

There are several ways to restore the brain, through food, and childlike aphorisms as, we, the children of God look to our own Soul Maps becoming light and love to God, in the 5th dimension. For we have the capability of now walking the path, and becoming ‘A’ God ourselves, like never, before. With the affirmation of the year 2000, and our head long fixation on the Aquarian age, it has taken since approximately 2012 to begin this new age, now settled in 2019.

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102 Profit

It starts from the heart where all evil lies, and brain chemicals flying into the air to see 'OSHO' like creatures, play fighting and strangling, cutting, stabbing, and wounding.  For 'I', yes 'I' have threatened a mujadean oil against a lost boy and child in hessian sack without a response but to defend the child spiritually, and find solace in an attempt to make amends the wrong way with one single spiritual awakening at my place of home.  I promise no drug was taken.

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94 Heart

9th of January 2019, will be a day of reflection, self-reflecting light back into the heart and ridding the body of darkness. We come across a fork in the road and the dynamic in our heart remains the same, for having the benefit of making a choice; literally because we chose which direction to go in ourselves. It is only much further down the road that we hesitate to guess whether we made the right choice in the first place. Maybe we did?

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