United New Internationalists

97 Room


From instinct we believe,

In the ephemeral stimuli that surround.

House one.

From floor up to roof down.

A view from a window opens a door,

To an outside unknown,

An earthly life in store.

The home contains us,

Holds our prayers,

Shows us tender loving care.

From cradle to vista,

The child starts to build,

conceiving a future,

That one day may heal,

The journey it took just to get there.

House 2.

Struggles block our path,

Stimuli no longer last,

And we live in constant frustration.

Life's more important:

Relationships, careers,

And time designates our lives into temptation.

There are excuses to bear,

Life without a care,

With the hope that one day we will find meditation.

House 3.

It is just this,

That started our journey in bliss,

And will start again with pro-creation.

Our children are dear to us,

House one protected us from fear,

And positively adds to progression.

But it's an eventful start,

When the vista is reduced to our heart,

Because the window is only big enough for suggestion.

House 4.

Finally we have fled,

At last we can get to bed,

And to work on our move from transgression.

Now is the time to build,

And reap what we have healed,

A new life designed for our senses.

The building starts,

With that view we have always had in our heart,

Now we can build without fences.

But it is this ideal we must be encompass,

From day one to accomplish,

A life with the elements and stars.

For a house that responds,

To its locality and beyond

Is the best gift a man can create.

Remember your house from your beginnings,

Now look at your physical winnings,

And know that your view is much better than before.

It's taken a lifetime to make it,

Now contemplate it,

And next life it will be so perfect,

You'll be born on the floor.