United New Internationalists

90 Money

The making of Money: a poetic commodity.

The body when seen as the Lord, as if your exhaustion felt sacrificial, is an unusually compunctious object to beguile, with its dangly bits hanging around like a toy at the back of a car boot sale.

The Black Ballet reveals this, in all its glory, on the one hand, and creates a sumptuous grace in sisterly, and fraternal style, on the other.

Symbolically we can use the body to describe ourselves and our emotions and it is all for free, as if we are using are steps and limbs, as a sparkler, making shapes in the air.

We thought we needed resilience and chatter, to put things off, but symbolically the body and mind are kinder, playing role-plays of mime together. There is monetary poetry to make up a dance, as it is free. Or just to write something to your loved one in the air.

We need Christ within us wholeheartedly: (the real) 'EL' for that is the silence within us. You can talk to him, for console, at any time you need to, just look inward and approach him, he really is within. The stillness before pain and the silence afterwards to truly know ourselves. God gave us the will to live.

This should be on the street, for it is contained within us, but it took the wake up call to come back to ourselves, to find him. Otherwise it is just a competitive market, as we learnt from '91' and the Thatcher years of totalitarianism. Silence rules in the end, after the hype, and street warfare.

Fractures happen along the way, but inventiveness knows no bounds, and compliments are the foray of a plenitude of things. To love everyone helps you become, so I would stay there with your pony-tail and do that, for me.

Silence is a revolution but not a noisy one. Otherwise we are babbling geese eating as much seed as grass, to disgust ourselves into being.

Ultimately we need peace, and peace of mind, that is not the rocky horror show, but 'A Kind of Blue', over and over again. I guess it is a meditation with the pick me up of a coffee, in terms of projecting ones spirit out into the world, maybe with just a peace sign, if you like!

Symbolically, however, it goes deeper than that and into Hip-Hop: “Long Live Hip-Hop”. For this is the ideology of the asymmetric style (the abstract) recorded on a track and invoked by freestyle, and break dance. After all everyone is queuing for those classes, and rightfully so, it must take so much practice, to earn respect on the scene.

So we have the body, symbology, quiet, & peace. Yoga takes all these forums, like Pilates through exercise and is a great sport; who can headstand then? It is really, a good idea for the children, to get involved.

Take your time, do not second guess, know your books and your art form to come up with your own money bodily symbologies, maybe a variation on Judo and Tai-chi, only as a discipline please, but think liberally, and once you have that party with the music on, your charades just got a whole lot more interesting, with symbols for actions. They are encyclical of the cycles of the World.

Just imagine beginning with the tips of the fingers tapping on your heart, your face, and moving onto fingers and hands, making shapes, into arms, body and legs. Be creative, whether it is symbology for letters, words or numbers, remember it is only representative of another language even if urban.

I am giving money away, like candle stick makers!

God Bless, F x.