United New Internationalists

91 Sacrifice

Make, means, Sacrifice dies.

To make a golden weapon, will kill a golden monster: Or will it?

If we ignore our demons, we live without resistance or persistence, which dwells in the quagmire. If we are to dwell, we think really hard about the emptiness of being without a fight or flight path, of breaking fashions and ties with the modern world and into the depths of internal hardship. We are only heavenly when we open up and produce or reproduce, whether this is sex or some progenitive force. After all, we come from a real, unclassified concrete system, prevailing in enquiry to try harder than ever before. This may be when we have an opportunity or when one arises, by our own making, if anything is possible. As we learnt from the Secret, and the Law of Attraction, to attract an abundance into our lives by positive thought. Some already know how to bring good into their life, and all it takes is to believe in oneself, and bring an abundance to yourself, for what you say, who you are and how you act: with ingenuity and confidence in the self, a belief system. Coolé. Therefore the making makes us into being, not only thinking, but doing, therefore I am. To be a visionary may mean the last is the best and always the last accomplishment, as the journey of building rises from beginning to end, it only takes to continue on. Think twice about a lifestyle alongside that effortless trying and crying. And we do it with ease.

To build weapons to kill Monouni's (Urdu accident), is obtuse. When the monster will only come back bigger and better. Therefore before we sacrifice ourselves we need to accept monsters and love them all the same. To let go of the monster and to let it be, well, there is a gangsta in all of us, running things.The monster might be paranoia, angst or just something unsightly. If there is a reality to this, we only need to look at dinosaurs, our ancestors, from which we have evolved, and to see the primitive spirit in us all, as we turn to our local talisman for guidance. When we silence our soul, we are more accepting, but still the pain, welling up inside, can feel like a sacrifice itself. When we create with negative energy, we may find more passion, and a reflection or resurrection of our emotions into material matter. Getting messy, mucky and filthy, both physically, and metaphorically helps the mind to step up a gear, after all sex rules! To invigorate the soul, as it is nothing to be ashamed of. If the mind is already at ease, then there is no sacrifice, and one has the catalyst and stimulation to have conquered the monster, and we are into being.

Are we making a weapon?

In some respects tools, less weapons are being made to overcome adversity, however: Are they universal or not? Not always, sometimes for a fan base, or merely the joy of the maker. How do we know if we have a universal tool of popularity? If it is clear, snappy, to the point and ingenious. Originality can suffer at the hand of pure originality, where sources are not referenced, save genius. To make something off the top of one's head could be an insightful remark to start, but will need the continuity of history and progression in the long run. In an age of anomaly and even anomie, the better heart on the sleeve is a weapon. Not of mass destruction, but quite the opposite, as a form of construction. Constructive weaponry based on real weapons, as the chemicals that save, destroy, so the weapon that destroys, saves. This is the key to a better living breed to reverse the wrongs through devolution, the CARTOON GUN, and the dot on the wall, equally help to resolve what makes no sense in the sacrificial mind; into war over monsters, through artistic means, it only takes variety.

Sacrifice is the weaponry, so we will save sacrifice, and pray! In a world of META MODERNone must reverse the spell, to find solace in artistic weapon making to avoid sacrifice.