United New Internationalists

93 Puppet

The Puppetshow and the contortionist, how I made my own prison, and got out of it, making.

Jailed into being

Coming up from the knee

Scarred out of life

Put in for freedom.

These words describe what it feels like to overcome loneliness, deep recalcitrance for emotional turmoil, and suppressed sympathetic embarrassment, otherwise known as shyness. The virtues of god had never found me until I was woken up with the sound of hammering outside a rain drenched, steamy window in a terraced house in Cardiff. The angle poise lamp went on, I peered through the 80's window veil and saw a medium sized man going for his life. Do I stop him in his midst or become God's friend, for we're here 'till end, God's love, God Send, (DARI, MCA, G-OBSERVE 2017). 

I became God's friend.

Reistance is the remit. Just think of a stone's throw away from yourself, now if you were sat over there in that comfy chair, none of this environmental fusion would be going on. Sometimes we're hanging on the precipice, expecting all wrong doings to happen, and cretinise the other. But sometimes we just needed to know that's where we were. Ralph says it is OK to be there, but smarter than Ralph I would rather make my way out of Jail, know I am there, and come back around to £200, skipping all the Mayfair charges, and part own a bit of it. So I will. (Unless that is what he meant?!). [Ralph Smart].

I am cool, calm, & collected, the divergence of dichotomies in one's head transits into radio waves, ever thought just to turn it all off and get up with the sun. There is no alarm clock like the body, and trust you'll awake at 07:00, without the heranging tonic, of a metal phone, sending animal noises from the dead.

We adjust to getting out of the prison we made ourselves quite nicely. But certain attainments in the male help. A woman in control, in love with you. Children's competitions to be at the top of your game. Giving and receiving money. 

Voices silence the mind like the woman,  to bear truth to your love of giving, being the child bearer, a perpetualist if you will, somewhat where GAY went wrong in the 80's, through totalitarianism. But remember the purpose is we work in spiritual ways,  unfortunately embodying and re-embodying those we love and hate, at some point in our life: throughout the day, if we have no boundaries: whilst blaming others or ulterior sources, but with boundaries comes sharing. Afterwards two minds are a living source of heights and fears, so there comes love to abide with thee.

The highest point, atop Mount Everest, is 8.9 km above sea level. The deepest point, the Mariana Trench in the western Pacific Ocean, is 10.9 km below sea level. The thin atmosphere at the altitude of Everest's peak has only about a third of the pressure measured at sea level. This would presume the pressure under water is over three times that of sea level, hardly habitable, except for fish.

I am a deep diver and from there comes my prison, through trauma, I have gone to unbelievable odds to survive, under severe pressure, to take on the World, and all its forces, only to get locked in, son of God never locked up (ON THE TEN, MCA - ON THE FIVE). I have never been locked up, but I have had freedom taken from me, at the worst possible occasion, making life a reflection of the prison I built myself. 

It takes, on ice, resistance therapy, you push, I pull, and making something, above all, like MONOUNI to prove your talents and your therapy takes the rest on. Therapy is the new in, with shocking consequences on an economy looking for gold. For we are gold, so when they say, n****s with dreads for the cause, n****s with gold for the fall, (AQUEMINI, OUTCAST - AQUEMINI), the gold rush takes reign.

[Full lyrics:

[Hook: André 3000]
Even the sun goes down, heroes eventually die
Horoscopes often lie, and sometimes 'y'
Nothin' is for sure, nothin' is for certain, nothin' lasts forever
But until they close the curtain (y'all know), it's him and I: Aquemini

[Verse 1: Big Boi]
Now is the time to get on, like Spike Lee said, "Get on the Bus"
Go get your work and keep your beeper chirpin', it's a must
Is you on that dust or cornstarch? Familiar with that smack, man?
The music is like that green stuff provided to you by sack man
Pacman, how in the f**k do you think we gon' do that, man?
Ridin' round Old National on 18's without no gat, man
I'm strapped, man, and ready to bust on any n***a like that, man
Me and my n***a we roll together like Batman and Robin
We prayed together through hard times and swung hard when it was fitting
But now we tappin' the brakes from all them corners that we be bending
In Volkswagens and Bonnevilles, Chevrolets and Coupe de Villes
If you ain't got no rims, n***a, don't get no wood grain steering wheel
For real, you can go on chill out and still build, let your paper stack
Instead of going into overkill, pay your f****n' beeper bill, b***h

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

[Chorus: André 3000]
Even the sun goes down, heroes eventually die
Horoscopes often lie, and sometimes "y"
Nothin' is for sure, nothin' is for certain, nothin' lasts forever
But until they close the curtain, it's him and I: Aquemini

[Skit: André 3000]
Master: Finally, Igor! We've done it, we've done it!
Igor: Yes, master! Yes, master!
Master: Igor, we've done it!
Both: Uh-oh
(Woman Screaming)]

The woman screaming, at the end, would be the Aquemini, a lady! But there is more to this than that. This was his best shot at getting out of his own prison. Where did André 3000 go wrong on such a seminal piece of work? He didn't rap about himself but waited for the messiah to reach him. So go ahead and find that messiah in your head, if you do not encourage yourselves to do so now, when on earth will you get the chance.

There are failings in making amends by picking a fight, as if belittling will ever reign true for either of two parties, so when H I P _ H O P , becomes bad news, don't start it up. Make reality into respect a better way, and always have a star to look up to, if only for the burning suns. I think we can all say 'we like to be happy all of the time, and safe in the knowledge that we are all so.' Therefore to make yourself happy and build your way out of prison, you must make others happy first.

God bless.