United New Internationalists

96 Blocks

Here we see two quarks, the building blocks of atoms, meshed together by gluon plasma, to be broken apart, as they are experimenting at CERN, causing new energy tropes to be discovered, and the architecture of the atom causing the big bang theory of yesterday.

Building blocks are what we first play with, making our lives more dynamic by the insertion of a shape through a similarly negative hole, making the whole of putting the shapes back in the box.  This tests our reflexes, our co-ordination skills, our eye to hand skills, and our ability to understand simple challenges of shape recognition.

Building blocks are also the basis of life, not only quarks and atoms but foods, water and vitamins.  Safely we go drinking plenty of water, eating fruit, playing creatively and protecting the planet.  Protecting the planet must come with a life in the City, reaching out to those worse off, enjoying shared moments, and ridding and collecting objects and technologies, whilst we work.  Fashion is a prime example of the wave of change that governs our lives to influence how we feel.

What are all these building blocks about? They as shown by the yin-yang formation of blue and yellow above, create adjoining change.  We add and go on adding exponentially changing our biological make up to become healthy human beings.  They also allow us to step up with the uplift of achievements, goals, and aims, giving us energy to climb that mountain.  They are the staircase, and if we do not fuel ourselves correctly we will find they crumble beneath our feet as we try so hard to step up.

What is so important is we must not climb our expectations.  Climbing a mountain of expectation means we will always be disappointed, and at the end of our lives will suffer from meditating on everything we have not achieved and not looking back gracefully about all the joyful moments, and achievements however small they are.  Now is the time to get a totem, talk to it for it has the answers, a picture to inspire, a cuddly toy to comfort, or just a space to be you: a building block.  To a minimum we rise, altogether, remembering our building blocks to be achievements that cannot incur expectation , and then, and only then will we have a good quality of life.