United New Internationalists

103 Humanism

The age of Humanism, unlike the sinicism and malignant Meta-Modern era, since the Millennium, is one of rationalising and reconstructing sincerity. In the body through healthy dietary habits, and exercise, and particularly for reparation of the planet as a holistic organism, living and breathing our toxins. The World is in need, of great love and attention.

This is a non-secular humanism that believes in God. A divine humanism, where all forces of power: Religion/ Government/ Social and Economic reforms will unite in harmony with one another.

There are several ways to restore the brain, through food, and childlike aphorisms as, we, the children of God look to our own Soul Maps becoming light and love to God, in the 5th dimension. For we have the capability of now walking the path, and becoming ‘A’ God ourselves, like never, before. With the affirmation of the year 2000, and our head long fixation on the Aquarian age, it has taken since approximately 2012 to begin this new age, now settled in 2019. We have come from the bloodiest of Piscean ages with utter un-rational Jihadi abominations. The comedy of Meta and its pitfalls into self-critique must be left behind for rational sincerity, in God. We must lose the criticism and accept our lives as they have come to fruition thus far. We may be hankering onto childhood memories, and into young adulthood, as some of the best days of our lives, at a glance. There will unfortunately still be the futile fight of bad entities, who do not accept, that, there is so much good in the World. Where they get their impregnation for provocation is utterly Meta and shows exact signs of the self-critical as mentioned earlier. It could be a return to past relationships.

This is a time to re-awaken the senses, to hug a tree, to be in nature, and to do it together, building good, healthy memories. To see natural motifs in design, fashion, jewellery, and ‘&’ contemplations. And in our choice of materials, going back to source, un-adulterating goods and services; to restore this planet to its original healing self. No more logging, no more expending resources, on more trash, no more landfill, no more abusing ourselves and the planet in futile gains. These are the humanistic principles we have been living by, now is the time to recycle. To recycle our energy and to find the love in our hearts towards one another no matter what creed, colour or socio-economic background, but to have love for the street. To love all: past, present and future, for, I did love, I do love, and I will love. Humanism is a benign answer to an age-old problem of industrialisation, as we see the organic coalesce with ethical commerce, and the use of environmental policy, inaugurate a carbon tax. The person in mind, body, soul and spirit, counts not only as a consumer, but as a child of God. For whatever God brings into the conscience; you can talk to your internal God like your instinct might tell you to, when you are ready to awaken and lift your spirit out of inditement.

It is a time to love. You may be polygamous, but with all parties in mind. Mono on the other hand, as a reaction, allows the initial conviction to convert to a naturalism and we begin to use near to 100% of our brains. This is a time to re-kindle the candle of our souls, and awake to the fires of the past, and burning hearts. They say some of us burn. Now is the time to learn, and to learn well, to gain grace and love, for a World Party to celebrate and turn to healing. This age of humanism is principally about responsibility of both self and planet, and looking after ourselves, well. We must all be treated correctly, under a human rights act as human beings, and a new ‘bill of rights’, from this day forward. We are one with the spirit world, and this will give us insight to healing ways, as we begin to see the words of the Lord’s prayer come to fruition in bringing heaven to the ground, with the age of rhythm. A righteous recalcitrance for killing of any kind. The World contains memory, and our imprint in our minds of the first time we experienced nature will be important. It will only take a spark, a photograph or a note to remember those times. The age of humanism is the precursor and beginning of a simple minimalism, to create benign space, and to free the mind to do what it wants to do: love. Once the body and mind, are healed through the wisdom of a humanist rational soul and spirit, there is only simplicity. Synchronised healing will be normal, to find our way once more through the power of music and sound, vision and art. To give and take no winnings, because winning is giving.

It is a relief to find out we are here in an age of Humanism, and the human attention to clarity is less competitiveness and fundamentally the affinity of good fellowship.

It will look like a Ben Nicholson relief.