United New Internationalists

106 Reinterpret

I would like to reinterpret the dinner table as a vestibule of trabeated transgression, if it were the fiery hearth of central denomination; as if any argument in the house is only held at the dinner table. But it is really a vessel of transfusion, as pasta enters the mouth and then the stomach. This of course would not include filthy copulation over the table, her back on it, the gentleman stood upright and erect.


It is the heart of the house and should be designed to suit. A gingerly crafted house and its table, goes hand in hand with softened corners and legs, with some wishbone chairs to decorate the periphery. And, of course, a large voluminous vase full of wot-nots, irises, and some foliage.


The table and chair are synonymous with home and a plenitude of simple words like, straight, tactile, handy, homely and just right. The lounge chair takes its ilk from a bond movie, wrapped in cartage and sent from a distant star to be enveloped in design mystery and intrigue. The wishbone on the other hand tells of grace and simplicity.


The table and chair, are, after all, a plain journey in making, yet delicate enough to be a complexity of a loving nature. The omnipotence of the table and chair, make writing a letter at the table, a fugal force to its very utile devices. Its function is to serve us, to sit upright and comfortably, as if watching Beethoven’s Fifth Concerto at the theatre.


It’s operative and dimensional, efficacious and measured. Its craft is purely of function. Any table will do, but at the heart of the house, it really won’t do. It must be a centre stage piece. A piece that costs a bit of money. For the dinner table is a wholly fashionable item.


It begins at the cusp of its end and may slide to become bigger, for a dinner party. It inaugurates a feeling of dichotomy from the work of the kitchen. It is a function of its space, just as the body is a function of the mind. If you have ever wondered how everything works and is resilient to pollutive pressures, then sit at the dinner table and discuss it.


It is not only a heart of the home, it is also a caliginous desert of plain wood, to feel lost and lonely at, therefore, it has two sides. An over and an under, until one sits dutifully in love with their dinner table it will never hold the emotional power it should. Its efficaciousness is what makes it the most efficient place in the house to do a deal. Food, writing, work, painting, and backgammon all come here to be discovered.