United New Internationalists

105 Spirit

It would seem those you yearn for, will scare you into submission through a transcendental haunting. Beyond all else, you will have to help yourself at the breakfast bar of life, to inaugurate one with naturalisms of a kind that do not dismay. The grief of finding out, one can and could only have hoped, those you yearned to hear from, would come running to your rescue. If there is doubt in your mind, perhaps that is all it is, but unless you are fully in tune with the spirit world, then one will always doubt themselves.


Honesty to the self loses friends, in most cases and awakens the soul to aesthetic realities, beyond human touch. To emancipate the soul into finding given form in a new light. For those more, nimble on their feet, well, the jury is still out; as if life were a purely pre-ordained compendium of affirmations, becoming a symphony of virtuosity. If this were the time, how much can I affect the web of life? If not just give it up to the world for their love back and sometimes on demand.


There are many who I know will say: ‘they just don’t feel loved’. Well, what can I say, but just relax in the world and then no-one gets hurt. We all know it is just animosity and jealousy that does that to the ‘other’. If we were all guilty there would be no sincere aspiration. Just imagine an actor or actress. I am afraid giving it up to the world does not just take love but acting as well. An act should be conceived. Imagined in love and for love, with genuine integrity.


Those we yearn for, at the end of the day, we cherish, for their message is of dear love to one another. It may be heretics, that cause us to doubt, because we seldom express ourselves for who we really are. It takes communication, dedication and most importantly, emancipation to truly love, and not to yearn in the spirit world.