United New Internationalists

109 White

White. 109.


I feel incandescent. Watch my white flame.


White matters, not to tread on the feet of those black protagonists, who profess black power, but because an egg came before a chicken. And well grey matters, if a good hen’s egg though, white matters more than grey. A grey egg tends to be one on its way out, therefore white matters.


Let us re-phrase that comment on the chicken and the egg, to, the fact that, the chicken came first, but it was a transparent amoeba in clear clean waters with the exact required environment, in warm water, with lightning, plant life, oxygen and the sun that, allowed the will for life. Transparency in glass, politics and crime counts, but why does white matter?


There are white goods: fridges, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers that exist in everyone’s home. The White Man searches a good home, to be himself, while the Black Man collects his rise, while at home. There are the white clothes of the redeemer, white trainers and white sunglasses. A go-faster stripe tends to be white. There is white salt on the dinner table. However white skin is in fact pink and not white at all, as we try to define our race by contrasts which is very unfair on pink and brown in unison, together.


In the distant past, as Geisha’s wear their faces, white powder was desirable. But what is white good at? If not for finality! There are chalky porcelain bowls from China. White tends to be a concentrated substance, the nucleus, the milk of a mother’s breast, the untanned line of a bikini, the innocence of a child and the chalk of The South Downs.


Without milk there would be no strong teeth and bones. Without white parchment, there would be no medium for writing and drawing on, in black ink. There is no need to be white, to enjoy why white matters. In fact, the holiest black man wears white, and the white man in black, to alternatively open in emancipation and shut down the chakras, white to black.


The famous white ‘T’ and stonewashed jeans is still the most desired outfit of young people on the pull. This was made famous by the Levi’s 1990’s advert of the man changing down to his boxers in the laundrette. White matters because it is the closest colour to a concentrated transparency and white light. They say we arrive in heaven to a bright white light, and feel redeemed by Jesus Christ, our saviour. The backdrop to our, solve and eminence, is white light. Every toned chest dons their white ‘T’ looking for heaven.

Not only is our world a planet of salt to disinfect the bacteria’s growing on our bodies, but the most important muscle the brain, shares in this colour too. And do not forget white tablets like Vitamin C and of course our immunity fighting cancers: the white blood cell, frankly . . .

White Matters!