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Places and Spaces I've been, (Byrd.D, 'Places & Spaces', 1975, Blue Note, USA), include towns, cities, the beach, but there is something majestic about the dopamine fuelled forest; expounding oxygen, and magnifying magnificent magnitudes of flight, scabrousness, furfuraceous, scurf, on the ground, and a gradual gradation grinding up the trees, and letting go of buds, seeds, caps, and leaves themselves, for the trees speak to me; and then I switch on the radio.

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50 1984

Colloquy of detachment detailed to breathe stark blizzard storms.  Racing the eye for tranquility, alien invasion.  They are at once blessed and defiantly proud to be American, so iconic of where this world has gone hey wire over lost inclusion to create cheap inclusion of many.  Martha I govern you, Martha I reign supreme.  So effortlessly and effervescently spring like, yet only nature could overgrow mans intervention with rage, passing the buck into simple materialistic dualism.  Concrete complete.

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24 Legacy

Construction incorporates corporeal body, ethical sanity and evangelical class.  There are two modes to the incorporation of rules to the construction of legitimate abstract amalgamations of ultimate construction.

1.     Is to take 2 dimensional phenomena and 3 dimensionalise it.

2.    Is to categorize ones thinking into amorphous fragmental forms. 

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