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67 King

We associate our lives with memory, but all too often forget to build a bank of memories for the future.  We live by childhood memories but forget, it was our parents who made them happen, so we should thank them.  We live with adult trauma, of losing those innocent experiences, playing games and forgetting our minds, ourselves, and our lives.  Where are we now?  For it will be even harder to grasp that pain if we do not deal with it today, through meditation, through governance of our minds, and through self-control.  Helping others is a key to helping ourselves, but do not forget to express your inner emotions as you talk to your friend in the coffee shop.

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20 Continuum

‘In this stream of the poor, the element of irresistibility, which we found so intimately connected with the original meaning of the word “revolution”, was embodied, and in its metaphoric usage it became all the more plausible as irresistibility again was connected with necessity – with the necessity which we ascribe to natural processes, not because natural science used to describe processes in terms of necessary laws, but because we experience necessity to the extent that we find ourselves, as organic bodies, subject to necessary and irresistible processes. 

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