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115 Herstory

Therefore, we must listen to Extinction Rebellion who have been in the News of late, fortunately Greta Thunberg got to speak to the politicians today, who are responsible for the next action, yet Theresa May was not there of course . . .

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72 Fame

The consummation of: 'the act of completing/perfection' and of course 'intercourse once married' allows the final frontier to take place. Just as the convergence of place, work and connections allow the confluence of fame. Once famous for their consummation one can often relay the act of convergence that brought them to that climatic hiatus in their own time.  But were the couple perfect as individuals? Or rather perfect for each other before the perfect bit?

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64 Anthropology

"The classical view is that genes control how nutrients are broken down into important molecules, but we've shown that the opposite is true, too: how the nutrients break down affects how our genes behave," explains Dr Ralser, in the interesting commentary on February 11th 2016, Source: University of Cambridge.

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23 Stencil

I have been involved in the design of large scale buildings and urban spaces since the beginning of my architectural education.  This has led me to design on a large scale and in essence avoided really understanding the concepts of detail.  My thinking has always been broadly based around urban concepts, object architecture, and spatial organization.  There is a level of detail that is rarely touched upon in architectural education, which involves the details of construction.  This scale and level of in-depth inquiry interests me a great deal, in-order to become more in tune with the tactile qualities of building.  

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