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94 Heart

9th of January 2019, will be a day of reflection, self-reflecting light back into the heart and ridding the body of darkness. We come across a fork in the road and the dynamic in our heart remains the same, for having the benefit of making a choice; literally because we chose which direction to go in ourselves. It is only much further down the road that we hesitate to guess whether we made the right choice in the first place. Maybe we did?

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74 Building

Perceived anxiety is a part of our collective conscious, and so is placid adversity. Through this placid adversity, we find a relaxation in placid, and an upheaval in adversity. Can there be such a thing as relaxed upheaval? This we call 'create'.

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64 Anthropology

"The classical view is that genes control how nutrients are broken down into important molecules, but we've shown that the opposite is true, too: how the nutrients break down affects how our genes behave," explains Dr Ralser, in the interesting commentary on February 11th 2016, Source: University of Cambridge.

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