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None want to help. ‘Sorry I’m busy, tied up on the phone: talking to someone, my daughter in fact, about STREEEESSSS man! Too cool for school, and you’re not stressed yet?’ These conversations continue . . . .

We call it ‘Even Mechanics’ here at Monouni, meaning a radical ‘S’ curve, of Sustainability - Y over time - X, we are just climbing the curve in a negative state of time, so now is the time to balance and climb the curve rapidly over the course of the coming few years. We incrementally build at present and that is not putting enough pressure on the quality of the sustainability of the commodity.

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There are mires who just do not get it.  If mien were a fallacy then complexion would just be a different direction but the poet knows his is of hand, and will stand up to alternate credence through play of mind, and the fallacy not to know a truth in erect dignified grace.  The principle of earth making, the earth stands up to us and makes love to us every day of the week: nature.

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