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115 Herstory

Therefore, we must listen to Extinction Rebellion who have been in the News of late, fortunately Greta Thunberg got to speak to the politicians today, who are responsible for the next action, yet Theresa May was not there of course . . .

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103 Humanism

There are several ways to restore the brain, through food, and childlike aphorisms as, we, the children of God look to our own Soul Maps becoming light and love to God, in the 5th dimension. For we have the capability of now walking the path, and becoming ‘A’ God ourselves, like never, before. With the affirmation of the year 2000, and our head long fixation on the Aquarian age, it has taken since approximately 2012 to begin this new age, now settled in 2019.

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34 Sentience

Sentience means consciousness and an awareness of all of us here.  A sentient being and mind takes time to reveal spirituality, but has an immediate affect as a result of thought processes, like streams of consciousness.  A colloquy will see ones determination abound to present ideas of these concepts and beyond.  If we could collocate to a set number of us who hear and those who don't we would have a much better map of the beginning and end of mind telepathies across the globe.  When really it does not seem possible that someone's regard, love or unfortunately hate, can be so strong as to cause mind games of a spiritual nature. 

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Sentience, Telepathy, EthicsFlorian Pepo
26 Complexity

Madness is unworthy, because dishonourable dignification of anger only leads to a lack of sequence in grammatical forms; instead of sentencing.  A sentence in verb, adjective, noun, becomes a Z equation of three dimensions however less or more profound in its graceful move, over ground, above and straight towards you.

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