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115 Herstory

Therefore, we must listen to Extinction Rebellion who have been in the News of late, fortunately Greta Thunberg got to speak to the politicians today, who are responsible for the next action, yet Theresa May was not there of course . . .

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103 Humanism

There are several ways to restore the brain, through food, and childlike aphorisms as, we, the children of God look to our own Soul Maps becoming light and love to God, in the 5th dimension. For we have the capability of now walking the path, and becoming ‘A’ God ourselves, like never, before. With the affirmation of the year 2000, and our head long fixation on the Aquarian age, it has taken since approximately 2012 to begin this new age, now settled in 2019.

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102 Profit

It starts from the heart where all evil lies, and brain chemicals flying into the air to see 'OSHO' like creatures, play fighting and strangling, cutting, stabbing, and wounding.  For 'I', yes 'I' have threatened a mujadean oil against a lost boy and child in hessian sack without a response but to defend the child spiritually, and find solace in an attempt to make amends the wrong way with one single spiritual awakening at my place of home.  I promise no drug was taken.

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51 Thanks

Competition, as Darwin states: allows for the Natural Selection, of the best breed of human being for survival, yet the denial and the compassion allow us to help those worse off. When we realise our power through comparison unfortunately that sympathy slips in full time, making us less humble. But it is a natural human trait. That is to say: 'we still should not allow a pastiche, system led built environment in the modern world'. In surmise, whilst Africa suffers from a lack of food through drought, our architectural force, building the future of the modern world, through finance, lacks a lawful artistic licence in mass production, as do our products.

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26 Complexity

Madness is unworthy, because dishonourable dignification of anger only leads to a lack of sequence in grammatical forms; instead of sentencing.  A sentence in verb, adjective, noun, becomes a Z equation of three dimensions however less or more profound in its graceful move, over ground, above and straight towards you.

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23 Stencil

I have been involved in the design of large scale buildings and urban spaces since the beginning of my architectural education.  This has led me to design on a large scale and in essence avoided really understanding the concepts of detail.  My thinking has always been broadly based around urban concepts, object architecture, and spatial organization.  There is a level of detail that is rarely touched upon in architectural education, which involves the details of construction.  This scale and level of in-depth inquiry interests me a great deal, in-order to become more in tune with the tactile qualities of building.  

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