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103 Humanism

There are several ways to restore the brain, through food, and childlike aphorisms as, we, the children of God look to our own Soul Maps becoming light and love to God, in the 5th dimension. For we have the capability of now walking the path, and becoming ‘A’ God ourselves, like never, before. With the affirmation of the year 2000, and our head long fixation on the Aquarian age, it has taken since approximately 2012 to begin this new age, now settled in 2019.

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102 Profit

It starts from the heart where all evil lies, and brain chemicals flying into the air to see 'OSHO' like creatures, play fighting and strangling, cutting, stabbing, and wounding.  For 'I', yes 'I' have threatened a mujadean oil against a lost boy and child in hessian sack without a response but to defend the child spiritually, and find solace in an attempt to make amends the wrong way with one single spiritual awakening at my place of home.  I promise no drug was taken.

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76 Made

I have been thinking lately about a societeless society, creativeless creativity, hapless happiness, a communitiless community. The deprived of depravity making their way through life with nothing but social media prevailing as the maxim of rectiudinal bliss. Off work and on work it is back to mine with the iPhone and laptop, making no progress, finding lame and delinquency at the dinner table.  Monouni has come from retrograde cave to minimalist guide, and comes with a re-mit to change the way you think about yourself in the world, now and forever.

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73 Christ

Christ and the cultural landscape, allows one to be perceived to have moralistic values.  But the flags at full mast and we are not sure, if one is more likely to break the fence believing in him or not? Christ suffered we presume from the crucifixion but he was born with gold, ‘the holy son of man’, a privilege.

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56 God

God Imaging Faces.

What is a rose? If not a face? What is a petal? If not taste? What is kind, if not the mind? What is gentry? If not a Century ago.

What is a rose? If not a face? What is a petal? If not taste? What is kind, if not the mind? What is gentry? If not a Century ago.

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10 Posit

The positing of objects is the innate ability to co-ordinate shape, form, colour and line in order to gain gravity to one's psychological well being. It is a little like obsessive compulsive disorder that you are allowed to do. However that feeling will wear off, when eventually you can lift the curtain on your newly posited draw, bedroom, house, building design, or city, and with a new perspective on the polar power forces in the world to share and enjoy with your friends and family if not like I, just for myself.

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4 EL

In the information age, we ask ourselves: does EL = Information?  At one time I was trying so hard to join the dots of all known phenomena.  A preventative to cancer = amino acids, the building blocks of life, a preventative to HIV = anti-oxidants, breaking down the oxidation of HNO4.

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3 Taizé

The community was the foundation of Taizé: now a form of prayer, but what sort of construction does it require one to practice?  The repetition of love and “the essential that makes the common life possible”.  That essential is born of salvation and a dignity and respect for all creeds, colours and races.  It begins with light and ends with the Monastic and Germanic origins of its course since the first Monastery started by Scots in 620 in Bavaria.  Of course Christianity came to Britain and the Celts by the 1st and 2nd Century's.  This allowed the Celts to commune under one name, one God, one vibe: to find sanctity.

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