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117 Invisible

None want to help. ‘Sorry I’m busy, tied up on the phone: talking to someone, my daughter in fact, about STREEEESSSS man! Too cool for school, and you’re not stressed yet?’ These conversations continue . . . .

We call it ‘Even Mechanics’ here at Monouni, meaning a radical ‘S’ curve, of Sustainability - Y over time - X, we are just climbing the curve in a negative state of time, so now is the time to balance and climb the curve rapidly over the course of the coming few years. We incrementally build at present and that is not putting enough pressure on the quality of the sustainability of the commodity.

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83 Pertinence

Often times we can be at a height of success only to ruin it all by way of ism into fury, and into self-denial that anything ever went wrong before now. So there is definitely heed in moderation, despite our musical premise to fight mediocrity, too easily we are a number at the bar, in the shop, at the gig and on the scene. But to be on the scene was a worthwhile experience.

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45 Egality

The egality of making is government or at least in the power of a few parties and a vote for one.  Of each there may be relative bargaining and of course the essential guarantee that is forgotten conveniently once in power.  There are only so many ways to govern after all and so we look to Sir John Stuart Mill for insight to how things could be as todays government has to take a stranglehold on more and more crime proliferating through the isolation of the individual.  ‘Let us now pass to the second division of the argument, and dismissing the supposition that any of the received opinions may be false, let us assume them to be true, and examine into the worth of the manner in which they are likely to be held, when their truth is not freely and openly canvassed.

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39 Letter

I would just like to congratulate you on the winning of WWII, your diligent plight in politics, and for bringing in oil fuelled war ships whilst you learnt to fly in 1911 as the 1st Lord of the Admiralty, if only the failure of Gallipoli had not been so bloody during the First!

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8 Conflict

The injection of the needle, similarly recoils truth, intervenes and draws blood.  This man is bleeding.  There is a surgeon on the way, the nurse says we must operate against the surgeon’s will, and we are at a state of pandemonium.  A body lies dead, it is too late.  Our bodies will one day die from age beyond intravenous injection and hallucinating amorphisms.

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