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117 Invisible

None want to help. ‘Sorry I’m busy, tied up on the phone: talking to someone, my daughter in fact, about STREEEESSSS man! Too cool for school, and you’re not stressed yet?’ These conversations continue . . . .

We call it ‘Even Mechanics’ here at Monouni, meaning a radical ‘S’ curve, of Sustainability - Y over time - X, we are just climbing the curve in a negative state of time, so now is the time to balance and climb the curve rapidly over the course of the coming few years. We incrementally build at present and that is not putting enough pressure on the quality of the sustainability of the commodity.

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115 Herstory

Therefore, we must listen to Extinction Rebellion who have been in the News of late, fortunately Greta Thunberg got to speak to the politicians today, who are responsible for the next action, yet Theresa May was not there of course . . .

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74 Building

Perceived anxiety is a part of our collective conscious, and so is placid adversity. Through this placid adversity, we find a relaxation in placid, and an upheaval in adversity. Can there be such a thing as relaxed upheaval? This we call 'create'.

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55 Buildings

Places and Spaces I've been, (Byrd.D, 'Places & Spaces', 1975, Blue Note, USA), include towns, cities, the beach, but there is something majestic about the dopamine fuelled forest; expounding oxygen, and magnifying magnificent magnitudes of flight, scabrousness, furfuraceous, scurf, on the ground, and a gradual gradation grinding up the trees, and letting go of buds, seeds, caps, and leaves themselves, for the trees speak to me; and then I switch on the radio.

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12 Cognition

Barefoot warrior, start, now is your art.  But it’s impossible, trouble looks up, stop working, stop thinking, stop breathing, and we realise the impossibility of this world, ‘cognitive spell’.  The inner workings of the mind tell us we do not really know what is going on, we don’t really know what we are thinking, most of the time we are wondering what’s going on.

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