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117 Invisible

None want to help. ‘Sorry I’m busy, tied up on the phone: talking to someone, my daughter in fact, about STREEEESSSS man! Too cool for school, and you’re not stressed yet?’ These conversations continue . . . .

We call it ‘Even Mechanics’ here at Monouni, meaning a radical ‘S’ curve, of Sustainability - Y over time - X, we are just climbing the curve in a negative state of time, so now is the time to balance and climb the curve rapidly over the course of the coming few years. We incrementally build at present and that is not putting enough pressure on the quality of the sustainability of the commodity.

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57 Spaces

There are many forms of spaces within spaces, including: cupboards, shelves, draws, mouse holes, and the concept of negative and positive space, within a house.  But we are not too interested in the smaller spaces, as long as they are neatly tucked in, yet a tea-pot in a kettle conjures the concept we are after.  A negative space would be under a table, and a positive space would be the space on top of it for which it was purposefully built.

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22 Art

There are no limits to our knowledge of pain and suffering in order that we find the virtues of grace.  Seldom said is the ‘Education in pain’, that allows us insight into the artist, artiste, that beguiles us with expressive discourse.

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21 Meaning

The World is a garden that needs tendering, cutting back and dead-heading to grow back healthily in colour.

The night is a midnight blue, claimed black so as not to be white, but really day and night are a rainbow of all colours.

Food is a delicacy not only known for its use as fuel but its promise in its quest to satisfy our palette of colour.

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16 Magic

Find face in ecstasy, cogitate a mindful of wise prayers.  In essence monogamy outweighs polygamy from the start; if whence there were a child born of solitude, masonry and grace.  Filtering down boyish charm to one and all, making hey with another, if only playtime! 

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