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57 Spaces

There are many forms of spaces within spaces, including: cupboards, shelves, draws, mouse holes, and the concept of negative and positive space, within a house.  But we are not too interested in the smaller spaces, as long as they are neatly tucked in, yet a tea-pot in a kettle conjures the concept we are after.  A negative space would be under a table, and a positive space would be the space on top of it for which it was purposefully built.

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50 1984

Colloquy of detachment detailed to breathe stark blizzard storms.  Racing the eye for tranquility, alien invasion.  They are at once blessed and defiantly proud to be American, so iconic of where this world has gone hey wire over lost inclusion to create cheap inclusion of many.  Martha I govern you, Martha I reign supreme.  So effortlessly and effervescently spring like, yet only nature could overgrow mans intervention with rage, passing the buck into simple materialistic dualism.  Concrete complete.

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45 Egality

The egality of making is government or at least in the power of a few parties and a vote for one.  Of each there may be relative bargaining and of course the essential guarantee that is forgotten conveniently once in power.  There are only so many ways to govern after all and so we look to Sir John Stuart Mill for insight to how things could be as todays government has to take a stranglehold on more and more crime proliferating through the isolation of the individual.  ‘Let us now pass to the second division of the argument, and dismissing the supposition that any of the received opinions may be false, let us assume them to be true, and examine into the worth of the manner in which they are likely to be held, when their truth is not freely and openly canvassed.

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25 Mono

The current zeitgeist since the turn of the Millennium is Meta-Modernism. A dynamic between Plato’s North-South, Love-Hate, Indulgent-Prudent poles of Metaxis from where the name derives. Today we stand at the epi-centre of hard and fast thinking as to where and how we will move forward within this court. There must be more than meets the eye in this aesthetic, cultural, neo-devolutionary paradigm. Once there was one, ‘Mono’: creation,

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22 Art

There are no limits to our knowledge of pain and suffering in order that we find the virtues of grace.  Seldom said is the ‘Education in pain’, that allows us insight into the artist, artiste, that beguiles us with expressive discourse.

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Art, Meaning, MindFlorian Pepo
17 Medium

Medium, large, small, extreme from one end to the other, means we are in the middle.  As 'Pepo' suggests: Denoting - 'The Man at the Centre of Town' I am a ‘medium’.  An intermediate position, or condition is not deemed highly academically or otherwise, but to be a medium means one has an innate ability to contact the spirit world.  Spiritually we are the most in tune.

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12 Cognition

Barefoot warrior, start, now is your art.  But it’s impossible, trouble looks up, stop working, stop thinking, stop breathing, and we realise the impossibility of this world, ‘cognitive spell’.  The inner workings of the mind tell us we do not really know what is going on, we don’t really know what we are thinking, most of the time we are wondering what’s going on.

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10 Posit

The positing of objects is the innate ability to co-ordinate shape, form, colour and line in order to gain gravity to one's psychological well being. It is a little like obsessive compulsive disorder that you are allowed to do. However that feeling will wear off, when eventually you can lift the curtain on your newly posited draw, bedroom, house, building design, or city, and with a new perspective on the polar power forces in the world to share and enjoy with your friends and family if not like I, just for myself.

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