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72 Fame

The consummation of: 'the act of completing/perfection' and of course 'intercourse once married' allows the final frontier to take place. Just as the convergence of place, work and connections allow the confluence of fame. Once famous for their consummation one can often relay the act of convergence that brought them to that climatic hiatus in their own time.  But were the couple perfect as individuals? Or rather perfect for each other before the perfect bit?

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33 Flow

Poetical licence begins with a kind of madness that one is going against the grain.  If there were no ulterior motive creative flows would not be signatory.  For even the minimalist is recognised for being autonomous.  What does this madness entail though?  It is at one time beguiling and always new for being different.  The flow is almost the personal zeitgeist that allows one to move from project to project.  Making continuation and parallel statements of ones own poetry.  The flow of poetry is a live in disguise in physical or literal form.

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3 Taizé

The community was the foundation of Taizé: now a form of prayer, but what sort of construction does it require one to practice?  The repetition of love and “the essential that makes the common life possible”.  That essential is born of salvation and a dignity and respect for all creeds, colours and races.  It begins with light and ends with the Monastic and Germanic origins of its course since the first Monastery started by Scots in 620 in Bavaria.  Of course Christianity came to Britain and the Celts by the 1st and 2nd Century's.  This allowed the Celts to commune under one name, one God, one vibe: to find sanctity.

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