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60 Ab'ram

It was a cold, dark, chilling winters morning. The fish were biting the ice of the cool, crisp, froth of the mediterranean sea looking for food. Waves were crashing in and out of the harbour pontoon. The fish would swarm, darting in and out of sight. Ab'ram would spot one and never let it leave his vision. They were fine that day, except for the fact the anchor had got stuck on a rock. He scurried for a machete and ushered Isaac to the end of the boat; 

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32 Guard

'What took you so long to get home?'

Pleasant are the trees at night when Vauxhalls fumes have gone.  A star in the sky, turning for Jupiterian times.  The fifth planet to evolve.  Crying shame I didn't wear my best, for my bride.  

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Story, People, Peace, Memory, HeartFlorian Pepo
31 Peace

When our hearts are afraid, the entire trajectory of the Earth shakes, for its transient wobble keeps us abstract through channels of communication.  The cosmogonies of John's verse are thus:  Earth: heaven and hell;  Water: rising oceans;  Fire: burning pain;  And wind: makes hurricane to tsunami.  The ever prevalent dynamics of extreme weather conditions, leads to free running and other extreme global sports.  But the human frame is dealing with pain and struggle at all times, to the extent that serious wear and tear to the multitude of chop stick bones leads to destruction of an immaterial and material kind, through sanctity of the containment of the spirit.  When learning good behaviour, we must temper ourselves to forgiveness and better placid times ahead.

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Peace, Order, MemoryFlorian Pepo
4 EL

In the information age, we ask ourselves: does EL = Information?  At one time I was trying so hard to join the dots of all known phenomena.  A preventative to cancer = amino acids, the building blocks of life, a preventative to HIV = anti-oxidants, breaking down the oxidation of HNO4.

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End, God, War, PeaceFlorian Pepo