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83 Pertinence

Often times we can be at a height of success only to ruin it all by way of ism into fury, and into self-denial that anything ever went wrong before now. So there is definitely heed in moderation, despite our musical premise to fight mediocrity, too easily we are a number at the bar, in the shop, at the gig and on the scene. But to be on the scene was a worthwhile experience.

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68 Architect

Creativity is without doubt all you need to be an architect, and I have it in bounds.  To make spaces, through plan, elevation and section is exactly what makes me tick.  There are few other vocations where one can get to grips with 3 dimensions of creative space other than sculpture and installation art. 

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60 Ab'ram

It was a cold, dark, chilling winters morning. The fish were biting the ice of the cool, crisp, froth of the mediterranean sea looking for food. Waves were crashing in and out of the harbour pontoon. The fish would swarm, darting in and out of sight. Ab'ram would spot one and never let it leave his vision. They were fine that day, except for the fact the anchor had got stuck on a rock. He scurried for a machete and ushered Isaac to the end of the boat; 

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57 Spaces

There are many forms of spaces within spaces, including: cupboards, shelves, draws, mouse holes, and the concept of negative and positive space, within a house.  But we are not too interested in the smaller spaces, as long as they are neatly tucked in, yet a tea-pot in a kettle conjures the concept we are after.  A negative space would be under a table, and a positive space would be the space on top of it for which it was purposefully built.

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50 1984

Colloquy of detachment detailed to breathe stark blizzard storms.  Racing the eye for tranquility, alien invasion.  They are at once blessed and defiantly proud to be American, so iconic of where this world has gone hey wire over lost inclusion to create cheap inclusion of many.  Martha I govern you, Martha I reign supreme.  So effortlessly and effervescently spring like, yet only nature could overgrow mans intervention with rage, passing the buck into simple materialistic dualism.  Concrete complete.

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32 Guard

'What took you so long to get home?'

Pleasant are the trees at night when Vauxhalls fumes have gone.  A star in the sky, turning for Jupiterian times.  The fifth planet to evolve.  Crying shame I didn't wear my best, for my bride.  

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Story, People, Peace, Memory, HeartFlorian Pepo
16 Magic

Find face in ecstasy, cogitate a mindful of wise prayers.  In essence monogamy outweighs polygamy from the start; if whence there were a child born of solitude, masonry and grace.  Filtering down boyish charm to one and all, making hey with another, if only playtime! 

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