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94 Heart

9th of January 2019, will be a day of reflection, self-reflecting light back into the heart and ridding the body of darkness. We come across a fork in the road and the dynamic in our heart remains the same, for having the benefit of making a choice; literally because we chose which direction to go in ourselves. It is only much further down the road that we hesitate to guess whether we made the right choice in the first place. Maybe we did?

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82 Line

Therefore if I were to take a building, out of pure function alone, I would want to line things up. From the outside in and simultaneously: inside out, accounting for services, construction; but lining everything up: calculating to perimeter lines, superior absolutism and end points to the edge.

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65 Motion

To leave a trace, to argue back, to cry younger than before, to leave suddenly, without saying 'goodbye', to scarper, to escape ourselves, to join things up, to amalgamate, to leave innocent, to calm nerves, and persona.  To make haste, yet always late, to show a lack of commitment, to allow showmanship and not compete, to elevate, to step-up one's game, to take from others, and not show haste in returns.  The game of power control, psychologically, and demanding so.  To inflate.  To recreate with others without moving a muscle.  Within those power struggles, literally to possess oneself, when feeling possessed by others.  

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60 Ab'ram

It was a cold, dark, chilling winters morning. The fish were biting the ice of the cool, crisp, froth of the mediterranean sea looking for food. Waves were crashing in and out of the harbour pontoon. The fish would swarm, darting in and out of sight. Ab'ram would spot one and never let it leave his vision. They were fine that day, except for the fact the anchor had got stuck on a rock. He scurried for a machete and ushered Isaac to the end of the boat; 

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