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77 Creation

You have got to win them over in your head, because you are in theirs.  They open me up, so I have to heal you, try to say as little as possible and pray.  Can you be serious enough to be believable.  Imagine travelling on . . . & easily.  We are party to revenge.  You want to leave it on the last.  What's this about claiming respect when you have not tried hard enough?

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68 Architect

Creativity is without doubt all you need to be an architect, and I have it in bounds.  To make spaces, through plan, elevation and section is exactly what makes me tick.  There are few other vocations where one can get to grips with 3 dimensions of creative space other than sculpture and installation art. 

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67 King

We associate our lives with memory, but all too often forget to build a bank of memories for the future.  We live by childhood memories but forget, it was our parents who made them happen, so we should thank them.  We live with adult trauma, of losing those innocent experiences, playing games and forgetting our minds, ourselves, and our lives.  Where are we now?  For it will be even harder to grasp that pain if we do not deal with it today, through meditation, through governance of our minds, and through self-control.  Helping others is a key to helping ourselves, but do not forget to express your inner emotions as you talk to your friend in the coffee shop.

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64 Anthropology

"The classical view is that genes control how nutrients are broken down into important molecules, but we've shown that the opposite is true, too: how the nutrients break down affects how our genes behave," explains Dr Ralser, in the interesting commentary on February 11th 2016, Source: University of Cambridge.

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